Some tidbits that have shaped my thinking in healthcare.

John Stehlin:
In 1983, I had the good fortune of becoming a Texas A&M Bioengineering co-operative work intern with the Stehlin Foundation, a Houston-based small non-profit cancer research laboratory founded by Dr. Stehlin in 1969. Until then, I had never considered being a physician. I was studying to be a biomedical engineer with a focus on software engineering.  Dr. Stehlin was one of the most remarkable individuals I ever met.  His philosophy of a core “foundation formed by an equal partnership between the clinician, the research scientist and the patient” strongly resonated with me. After graduating and joining EDS for a year, I decided I wanted to return to medicine. I returned to the Stehlin lab and subsequently became a “radiofrequency therapy” technician at St. Hospital where I worked with the Stehlin physicians on experimental treatments that had me interacting directly with patients.   Dr. Stehlin’s letter to his foundation supporters is a “must read” (click the image to read it).