Introduction to Public Health Informatics (2016)

Syllabus:  MPH210-Introduction to Public Health Informatics Syllabus-2016 [pdf]


A course providing a comprehensive overview of health informatics, including public health informatics. Topics covered include clinical informatics, electronic health record systems, public health information systems, the open data movement and emerging data sets, distributed clinical data networks, and health information exchange standards. The course also covers the use of geographic information systems (GIS) in population health and Big (Health) Data. A key aspect of this course is the collection, verification, and utilization of data related to populations; infrastructure, functions, and tools used to support health care and public health. Students also have hands-on laboratory experiences with acquiring and storing data using cloud-based data storage, creating maps using the open source application QuantumGIS, and applying basic text mining and natural language processing techniques to narrative text in social media streams as well as clinical information systems.

Lecture Content: